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Seeing (2014)

a Cooke Anamorphic creative lens test. Written and Directed by Francis Luta  

Directors of Photography: Jeremy Benning csc and Adam Marsden csc  

Man one: Jay grant  Man two: Russell Bennett  Steadicam: Jason Vieira  Focus Puller: Rob Barnett  Data Manager: Ben Whaley  Make Up: Trina Brink  Pyro FX: Max MacDonald and Luc Benning  Production Assistant: James Barnett  Editor: Jeremy Benning  Music/Sound Design: Chris Anderson at Big Honkin' Spaceship!!!  Colourist: Walt Biljan  Dailies: Redlab  Casting: Riverlight Talent  Special Thanks to: Craig Milne, SIM Digital Toronto, Greg Coxhead, PS Production Services and Mel Ramsay


'Burn' Nymphonic (2014)

Musicians: Albert Wong, Jennifer ArmstrongA Film By Jeremy BenningArt Direction: Francis LutaMakeup: Ariana RobertsWind/Smoke: MaxFXLenses: Glasshaus Inc.Special Thanks: Luc Benning, Max MacDonald, Mel Ramsay


Turn a new leaf (2013)

Made in cooperation with the World Pride 2014 Video Campaign Art project.


Powerhaus Assemblage vol.2 (2013)

An artist portraiture - an attestation to the changes happening in the city and the lack of small-scale-within-reach unity among artists. Powerhaus has yet to be realized as a life-size structure where you can walk into—it is an attitude, a demand to preserve your sole belief system. 



Renova (2013)

On set of the Powerhaus photoshoot for the Renova Canadian launch at the 2013 IIDEX and Nuit Blanche.

King's Highway (2013)

Expedition through Ontario's most isolated highway.

Powerhaus Empowerment vol.1 (2012)

"You can call me every name in the book, you can take everything that I have, but I am the walls of this Powerhaus."


Horseman (2012)

When you are at the edge of a catastrophic world—displaced from what you know and people you love... How far can you ride your last judgement?


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